shadingfieldfox about - About Us

The Shadingfield Fox started as a small events organization business by Elliot Robinson back in 2013. Robinson was working as a periodontist at his small dental clinic at West Tofts. The Shadingfield Fox was a side business for him to make some extra money.

The first couple of clients he got were couples planning birthday parties for their children at nearby family restaurants. All of the events were a huge success, although simple in execution, they were all amazing events at amazing venues.

The Shadingfield Fox Blog 2014

By 2014, Robinson already had a client list and the business was taking care of at least 6 events every month. To promote its services to a wider audience, Robinson decided to create a blog dedicated to the business.

The blog was a combination of written and video content. The blog didn’t receive much engagement in the first year, but in mid-2015, The Shadingfield Fox got its break.

The Big Break 2015

In 2015, the business secured an events job for a couple’s wedding reception at The Fat Duck. This restaurant is one of the top-rated restaurants in the country with its amazing British cuisine. It has 3 Michelin stars in total.

The event was a tough one to follow, mostly for the distance between the business office and the venue. But, Robinson and his team pulled it off. It was truly an event worth remembering. The bride and groom were ecstatic and even told us that they would recommend us to all of their friends.

After incorporating the event on the blog, The Shadingfield Fox got more clients from different cities in the country. It was truly the break we have been waiting for.

The Shadingfield Fox Online Magazine 2018

In 2018, the blog wasn’t enough of a platform for the volume of content we wanted to push. So, the blog was converted into a full-on online magazine that releases a monthly publication for more than 850,000 readers across the UK.

The Shadingfield Fox became an events organization powerhouse for restaurants, eateries, pubs, and bars that offer events services and accommodation. We have worked with or for more than 800 clients all over the UK.

What sets us apart

Several businesses and companies are offering the same services we provide. What sets us apart from the competition is our affordable rates. Our clients are always taken by surprise to find out that their final invoice is even more affordable than they wanted it to be.

So, if you need some assistance with an upcoming event, no matter how small it is, contact us today.