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Do you have an upcoming event or maybe a seminar you want to invite people to join in? If you do, then we can help you with organizing the event as well as promoting it to people through online platforms.

The Shadingfield Fox is proud of its advertising efforts in helping people, businesses, companies, and organizations promote their respective events. For example, we had a Real Estate and Rentvesting Investment Seminar for a real estate firm in West Tofts.

We took care of both organizing and advertising for the event. The event was held at a local restaurant. It was a huge success for us, the client, and the participants.

Advertise with Us

We offer our advertising services as a package or as a single service. The package consists of organizing and advertising. We will organize your event down to venue reservation to catering and so on.

We will then have our creative and marketing team handle the advertising and promotion of the said event. This package would cost a little more but we assure you both quality and quantity in ROI.

You will be connected directly to our marketing director to work out the details for the advertising service. You will then have our entire creative and marketing team at your disposal. You’ll be surprised and delighted to see what it is like to our creative and marketing team at your fingertips.

Advertising Platforms

We advertise in our online magazine, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and email. Your campaigns will be circulated in all of these platforms. Taking all of these platforms into account, that would give each campaign an estimated total of 1.9 million potential recipients or audience.

We might not advertise in print, television, and radio, but all of our online platforms are recording strong engagement not only in the UK but throughout the globe.

If you are interested in making use of our services, then we assure you cost-effective and effective results. You can contact us today through email,send us a pitch and a summary of your event.

And also, don’t forget to subscribe to our online magazine to know more about our services. You can also see a number of our active advertising campaigns. We look forward to working with you very soon.