3 Amazing Restaurants in London for Events

Are you looking for a restaurant to celebrate a birthday or maybe an engagement? Whatever the celebration is, we know 3 restaurants in London that areperfect for all sorts of celebratory events.

All of these restaurants also have a dash of entertainment, so you are sure to have an amazing time with friends and loved ones.

Faulty Towers The Dining Experience

3 Amazing Restaurants in London for Events wine glass - 3 Amazing Restaurants in London for Events

Are you familiar with the 1975 comedy series “Faulty Towers?” It is a story about a rude hotel manager who is having a hard time managing the hotel because of his do-nothing wife and incompetent Spanish waiter.

This restaurant is inspired by that and the story it tells about Basil Fawlty with his wife Sybil and his employee Manuel.

The restaurant serves an amazing three-course meal but, things might get a little tricky when the three of them, show up at your table. The main theme of this restaurant is food and drink mixed with comedy, arts, and theatre.

A perfect place to celebrate a birthday as many people does. Especially older people are familiar with the television series.


3 Amazing Restaurants in London for Events cuisine - 3 Amazing Restaurants in London for Events

Who doesn’t love a lovely dinner with wines, cocktails, and a performance? Quaglino’s is more than just a restaurant, it is also a stage for some of the top local performers in London. Quaglino’s is a combination of London’s fine dining and nightlife experiences.

They host private dining and events. According to their website “Quaglino’s can be hired exclusively for that special celebration. The iconic Quaglino’s in the heart of Mayfair, the ultimate party venue ideal for a celebratory dinner dance.”

The Piano Works Farringdon

3 Amazing Restaurants in London for Events tables and chairs - 3 Amazing Restaurants in London for Events

This restaurant is all about steaks, cocktails, and music. You get to enjoy great steak dishes, fine wines, quirky cocktails, all of that while being serenaded by a pianist. You’ll have to give their ribeye steak dry-aged for 35 days with chips and house slaw a try.

It is truly a perfect ambience for all sorts of gathering wherein people can just enjoy talking to each other and listening to music. You can even come up on stage and request a song. If you want, you can even perform yourself.

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