The Best Pubs for Celebration Events in the UK

If you think about it, all pubs in the UK are perfect for a celebration or happy events. Many people have the time of their lives in pubs with their loved ones and friends. But, we’ve finally determined our top picks of the best pubs in the UK for celebration events.

Many of the events we planned and organized took place at these venues. So, without further ado, here is our list of the best pubs in the UK for events.

The Spaniard’s Inn – Hampstead

The Spaniard’s Inn was built back in 1585 making it one of the oldest pubs to ever exist today. Believe it or not, more pubs are a lot older compared to this one. However, The Spaniard’s Inn is part of the UK’s history.

It was said that the pub was built by Spanish brothers who fought over a woman they both loved. That is just a story though, no way of knowing for sure. The poem “Ode to a Nightingale” was written here by John Keats.

Anyway, the pub today is a piece of culture and history not only for Hampstead but for the entire country. Booking this pub for an event is hard given that hundreds of people are looking to book it every year.

The Spaniard’s Inn has been a hotspot for dinner parties and even exclusive meetings by profound individuals across the globe.

The Best Pubs for Celebration Events in the UK whiskey bottles bar - The Best Pubs for Celebration Events in the UK

The Bell Inn – Essex

This one was built back in 1555. The said story behind the construction of The Bell Inn is quite dark so you should look it up yourself. However, away with the past and in with the future.

The Bell Inn, in terms of interior and design, is truly a masterpiece. A truly traditional pub with a wooden-beamed bar where you can enjoy craft beers and the finest wines. The Bell Inn has a menu of affordable orders for both beverage and food.

The rustic yet open concept of the bar makes it perfect for a private party or small gathering for different reasons.

The Dove – London

Hammersmith’s gem, The Dove. The traditional English Boozer in this pub is the best. The Dove is also known for its many great discounts to commemorate particular holidays and celebrations including Valentine’s Day and Christmas Day. Their Sunday roast menu is considered to be one of the best in London.

The Dove rarely accepts private event bookings, but if they do, it is surely something special. If you want an affordable event venue, this is the perfect place to consider.

The Rising Sun – Southampton

If you are into ale, then The Rising Sun is the perfect place for you. The Rising Sun is one of the best in the UK for crafted beers and once again ale. Several cocktail parties and wine tasting events were held here. Not to complicate things, but we recommend this if you want crafted excellence here in the UK.

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