The Best Cocktail Bars for Online Casino Parties

Have you ever heard of an online casino party before? Well, it is simple. People get together, they drink beer, eat food, and play online casino games with or against each other.

The online casino party trend is taking over many major cities here in the UK including London. More and more people are getting more creative on how they throw these kinds of parties. We’ve been approached by several people and even online casino operators for some tips. We would like to share some of those tips with all of our readers.

Here is a list of the best cocktail bars for online casino parties in the UK.

Satan’s Whiskers – London

Satan’s Whiskers is truly one of the most unique cocktail bars in London. The exposed bricks interior design and neon signs make it an unorthodox bar. Their cocktail menu changes daily so you’ll never run out of something new to try.

The ambience of Satan’s Whiskers is perfect for an online casino party. They play hip-hop music that gives the bar a party vibe mixed with a colourful set of cocktail drinks. Satan’s Whiskers is one of the top bars not only on our list but to so many people out there.

Vice & Virtue

We are not kidding when we say that Vice & Virtue offers the most available spirit and cocktails available to man. Vice & Virtue has two floors, the first floor is for cocktail drinking and the second one is for dining.

Vice & Virtue is very different from Satan’s Whiskers as it is more of your gentleman vibe bar. That is because its initial concept was a gentleman’s bar wherein people could come in and have a drink in one of the most exclusive and stylish bars in the UK.

Only a few online casino parties were held in this bar, but we are getting a lot of positive feedback.

Attendees said an array of cocktails were served at their tables while playing online casino games. Those cocktails include Agave cocktails, whiskey cocktails, rum cocktails, vodka cocktails, and of course some of their signature classics. Vice & Virtue might not that big with online casino parties, but it is for online betting.

That’s right, many people book the bar to hold sports viewing parties with a side note of betting at aninternet casino or sportsbooks websites.

Both of these bars, by the way, offer fast and reliable free Wi-Fi.

There are more cocktail bars and pubs out there perfect for online casino parties. If you want more amazing tips on event venues, don’t forget to subscribe to our online magazine today for weekly publications.

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