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After more than 2 years, The Shadingfield Fox has organized more than 800 events across the UK. We want to share each of those amazing experiences with all of our readers. That is why we are looking for extra manpower to give us a hand, we need all the hands we can get.

Write for Us

Since we started the online magazine back in 2018, we have written and published content about at least 300 events we organized. That is not even half of our total organization projects.

With that, we are planning on releasing new copies every week. That means we need to triple our output. New writers will be tasked on coming up with creative ideas on how to present our many organizations to the world.

It is going to be a feature writing challenge for all of you. We want each event to have a unique angle or a factor that stands out. That is why we are looking to add at least 10 new writes to our online magazine team. We will also be hiring new graphic designers and layout artists to help our design team.

Apply Today

The first step for each applicant is to submit their respective resumes After that, they will be contacted by one of our recruitment team members for the initial interview.

The interview will serve as your first assessment to determine if you are to move forward for the test assessment.